What The Heck Is Your Problem?


“I was in a good mood until I went to the store and that clerk had such a sour look on her face. It completely ruined my entire day.”

Sound familiar? How often is it that you have felt that you are in a great mood and then you drive to work or you go somewhere and someone else is sour or you come home only to find your partner complaining about something and it ruined your mood and all of a sudden you turn sour?

A client came in the other night and told me a story of how she was in-line at the deli and the man in front of her was ordering his meat and the young lady behind the counter was miserable.  She was rude to the man, and the man was calm, but surprised.   My client said, she felt compassion for both of them. The man, for the service, but also the young lady behind the counter.   She obviously was upset and did not know how to move herself from the low vibes she was feeling to a place of happiness and service with a smile.  My client was hyper aware of the energy and just stood strong and held a vibe of love and compassion. As the gentleman turned around he caught the smile of my client. They engaged in conversation.   As he left he thanked her for the chat and the lovely smile.  Now it was her turn at the counter with the young lady.  She kept being kind, sending energetic beams of compassion and before she was done that young lady who had a sour scowl on her face, was now a young lady with a glowing smile.

As my client and I spoke about what happened, we started to recognize how often we let others dictate our mood, and manipulate our energy. We fall into the lower energy patterns.  What if more and more people were consciously aware to hold strong in their energy of compassion and love and let others meet them there, instead of lowering their mood to meet someone in a darker place.

There are only two types of people out there. The people who are calling for love and the people that are answering the call. The issue is that most people’s call is so very unskilled.

The next time someone comes across as rude, or moody, just remember this post and hold strong in love and compassion. Let them meet you in the higher vibe.  REMEMBER…as corny as it may sound.  LOVE is what heals and saves our world. So Love away!


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