What does a man have to do with it?

To be honest, I am a bit of a feminist, well, more than a bit.  I mean I love men, but I always thought women had more of a sparkle.  To me there was always something about the way a women could listen, hear, understand, show caring and love that is unlike anything in the Universe.  That is not to say that men cannot.  But for me the truth is that men have strengths that we as women should not try to overshadow.  Let them have their incredible strengths.  We as women must wake up to our own strengths.  It is LOVE that heals EVERYTHING and we as women have so much of that instinctively.  We are designed with healing, love and compassion.  We get depressed when we are not utilizing those qualities to our fullest capacity.  We feel the most alive when we can do what is the most natural to us.

So, what does a man have to do with it?  As powerful and incredible as a woman is, it is hard for her to see it all the time.  It came to me last night while watching a movie that a real man will help her see how powerful she truly is.  He will give credit to the way she loves, the intuition she has, and her ability to heal others with her compassionate smile.  He will see the depth of her beauty and hold a space for her to see it herself. It will be in her love for him, for doing that for her that she will have the confidence to shine brighter than any star you have ever seen.

Women do not be intimidated by your light. Men, do not be intimidated by her bright shine.  It is not that she is better, just because she glimmers brighter. She glimmers brighter because your true love holds the space for her to do so.

Thank you to the amazing men strong enough to hold that space for so many of us. Thank you to the women who have the courage to let them do so and shine, shine, shine.



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