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The Box

So many of us walk around with a big cloud of heavy emotion intertwined within our cells. Some of us know what it is on our own and others need help to discover what it is, that thing, that feeling that is making us feel so lousy.
I have had many clients whether it be grief, anger of fear, it keeps them hostage to experiencing a life less then fully lived. They have a deep resistance to let it go. Sometimes it is because they have lived with it so long and are scared to feel how it would feel without it. Others times it is because they feel they may need that feeling or emotion at some point and do not want to get rid of it, just in case.
For example, I have a client who was experiencing a lot of anger. It was coming out in their marriage, their career, they were drinking more, and they would react negatively to almost every situation. I asked them why they resisted letting go of the anger. Now, please note, anger alone is a very positive emotion, it creates movement, however when there is so much of it and it becomes stagnate, it can cause us harm. Harm in our external experience and our internal bodies. Throughout their session it became clear that they were fearful of the world we live in and wanted to keep the rage and anger, in case they ever needed it to defend and protect. It made complete sense, however their life is not currently in danger and the rage and anger were actually harming their life.
Another client was holding on to loss and the guilt over the loss. They felt that if they let that go, they were dishonoring the loss. The guilt they were caring around was affecting their life dramatically. They were using the guilt and the loss as a way to continuously self sabotage themselves whenever things started to look “too good”.
What to do?
If you are experiencing an excess of emotion or feeling that you are resisting getting rid of, all you have to do is imagine a box to the right or left of your head. Ask all the excess emotional energy to go into that box for safe keeping. Know you can reach up and grab all that emotion anytime you need to. What this does it places the excess energy in a special spot. You still have access to it, but it does not overtake and control your life. These clients did just that, when the emotion comes up, the feeling, the memory, they just place it in the box for safe keeping and keep moving forward.
Works like a charm.

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