What Love Can Do

Do you remember being around somebody that is complaining and then you start complaining or someone is worried and then you start to worry or someone is angry with their boss and then you get angry at that boss too?
So many times we jump onto the bandwagon of negativity. What I have found the most helpful in my life is, instead of jumping on the band of negativity, I hold a place of love for the desired outcome.

Think of it this way, if you’re driving and you see someone has driven into the ditch do you a drive into the ditch? If you do, then there are two of you in the ditch and although you maybe great company now you have an even bigger problem, because two of you need to be pulled out, not just one.
If however you decide to stay on the shoulder of the road, throw them a tow rope, then you can pull them out. You can help them come up from the ditch because you stayed up and did not drive down to where they were.
That is really what holding a space of love is at all about. It is about not jumping down into the gutter with someone else. It is about holding a space of love for them to rise up too.
There were two brothers that got into an argument that could have easily divided an extremely close family. Each brother had 3 daughters. Although the daughters did not consciously know what they were doing, they stuck together and they kept holding the vision holding a place for their two fathers to rekindle. Years went by and nothing happened but the girls remained tight. Then eventually they were at a gathering and to everyone’s surprise, they saw their fathers starting to laugh, to smile, to talk.
Things will never be as they were, but those two brothers laugh and joke and excel in each other’s company to this day. Each time the girls see their fathers rekindling brotherly love they look at one another and smile. They did not know what they did, but I do. Those girls did not jump down into the gutter with their fathers. They held a place of love for the two brothers. They did not meet them in their anger, in their fear, in their worry. They stayed above it all so the brothers had a place to rise out and up to.
Hold a space of desired outcome. Hold a space of love. When you pray, pray with a held space for love. For this is just one more way love is saving each of us, love is saving our world.


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