How to Make A Dream Board That Works

You know that feeling where you are running and running and you feel like you are getting nowhere. I know I have felt that feeling a time or two. That feeling of having vision and dreams, that seem so far off because they are so big and there are so many of them. That overwhelming feeling sets in deep. You start to feel like you have accomplished nothing, nor are you ever going to accomplish anything.
Although I can still get caught up in those feelings from time to time, it is much less since I have discovered and used the power of a DREAM board.
As a little girl I had many dreams for when I would become an adult. Some are still my dreams now. The problem was as I got older I would put more and more dreams in my backpack for “someday”. Dreams like, get married to the best man ever, have 5 children, a country property, a wonderful guard dog, have an international bestselling book, be a highly sought after public speaker and trainer, own my own home building company, where we build beautiful homes and great relationships with our clients. Homes that are blessed with love and laughter. Heal the world, help people see how wonderful they are. Be active, downhill ski, run, mountain bike, swim, water ski, rent a cottage, travel. The list goes on and on, working with kids, being a teacher.
I started off on my journey, but before long I was not doing so great academically and was asked to go for extra help at a special school. I soon began to believe, that the things I dreamed of I could not do, because I was not smart enough. I started to settle for second best, then third best, soon it did not even matter if I came in last place. As a young adult I worked at great places, but I never loved what I was doing. I thought, I would love to do more training, but then I would think, what if I had to write something and then spell it wrong. I could never do that. I am not worth more than the low standards I set for myself.
As life would have it, earth angels did appear. I was guided into the energy healing world. At the time I was sure I was going to have a very successful full practice and do this forever, finally my calling. I started, and I had a full part-time practice. Learning and growing through helping others, I could not help, but help myself and my negative beliefs about my abilities. In no time I was into the life coaching world as a Dream Builder Coach. It was just before that Dream Boards were introduced to me.
I always thought they were a bit silly, but my husband and I had a lady come to our house to teach a course on the law of attraction and she shared how what she put on the board had come to fruition. I thought I better try this out and see for myself what a crock this is. Seriously those were my thoughts.
So, I did. I spend an entire Mother’s day making my vision board about three years ago. There were so many things on it. I looked through magazines and pictures on the internet and pasted everything to two big bristle boards. Done, I thought. The thing is pictures are only a part of the laws of attraction. The other part are the feelings each picture creates. I went through each picture and placed the feeling it gave me. I did have to take some things off because the feeling was not what I thought it was going to be. Those are the things I thought I should want, but did not really. This is an important step you do not want to forget. When you are working on your board, put the feelings beside each one and connect to each feeling daily while looking at your board.
Looking at my board today I can see how many things I have accomplished. I leave the pictures and feelings up to remind myself I am living my dream each and every day. Some things are checked off like a really cool pair of red rain boots, others are a work in progress, others have not happened yet.
People use to ask me, or my friends…what Jackie is doing now. As if to imply I am always changing my direction. Always busy in a really negative way. To a degree I understood there tones, but when you realize that everything you do leads you to the next thing, and you have big dreams, you have to learn how not to be scared to leave one thing and do another. Many of us get caught up in that, do one thing for the rest of your life, that one thing that you really do not like and does not pay well. Many of us get caught up in playing it safe. For some of you that really works, for others like me, who want to do one thing, rock it and move onto the next, you are what is called a multipotentialight. Yes, there is a name for people like us.
This blog is all about dreaming big, having courage and putting it down on paper. Use a Dream Board to keep you focused on where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to be and celebrate where you have been. It is a powerful tool.
Happy Boarding!


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