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How do you know if you are Enough?

What does it look like when you wake up in the morning and you are enough?


“Come on Jonny, you can do it.  Keep going you could go pro if you tried harder, worked longer, wanted it bad enough.  You could be the BEST.”

Jonny played hockey when he was a young boy.  Although his parents thought skating 7 days a week and practice, practice, practice was the best thing for Jonny, he never improved much.   He made the team, but just barely.  This particular team would go out of town for tournaments and Jonny’s parents would send him with a team member’s family. His parents never attended the out of town games.  Low and behold, when Jonny was out of town he played like a star.  Skated faster, got more goals and was an enthusiastic team member. Then he would come back home and be just an average player.

Hockey was never about young Jonny.  Hockey was about his parents.  It would not matter what he did, how he played, he would NEVER be ENOUGH for his family until he was THE BEST.

Jonny’s parents put him in other sports along the way, always wanting him to be THE BEST, not to do his best, but be THE BEST.  Anything less was just not good enough.

Eventually little Jonny just stopped trying. Unless he was going to be the best, there was no point doing anything.  He was now completely conditioned that he would never be enough.”


While I was on my way to Florida this February, I sat down beside a man that is in the grocery business.  In a matter of 10 minutes I knew he was a lovely man, a kind man and an ambitious man.   We entertained each other with a long 3 hour delightful conversation.  At one point we were talking about motivation and what it means to always be reaching and stretching for bigger and better.  With a renewed hunger for success I started to think about that concept and although I understand it as many of us do, I think it sucks!

I know the feeling waking up every morning yearning, searching, trying to be more so I can have more.  It is always, more, more, more, a longing, a sense of deprivation.  The implication that comes with more, more, more is that you are not enough now. Many of us have this idea that once we have accomplished our goals, aspirations, then we will be enough. But until that day we are far from enough.


Ask yourself this question – What would it look like if every day you woke up and first thing you did is recognize you are enough.  DONE!  END OF STORY!












Most of us wake up in the morning and begin our day in the state of depletion.  One the one side there is deprivation and depletion, you are not enough.  When you are here, things are never good, there is always something that you have to be doing or thinking before you are enough.

In the middle you are enough, this is the place of peace when you wake up.

On the other side you have achieved your goals and dreams….your MORE.

Being enough is in the middle, you have to get to that point in order to have what you desire.  You will not only have it, but you will feel complete while achieving it.  You will not be running from a place of less, a place of not enough.

You cannot go from a place of depletion straight to achievement.  You have to pass through the middle, so why not start in the middle.  This way you do not have to catch up or bail yourself out of a deep whole before heading toward your dreams and aspirations.

Anything you achieve beyond the neutral state of I am enough is a bonus, but it does not define you, it cannot define you because you are enough.   You are still stretching and reaching for a higher place, we all are because life is seeking a fuller, freer, expanded expression through each one of us.  That expression can never be fully met until we recognize that we are enough today, this very minute.

What could you accomplish if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were enough, just the way you are.  What could you do from a place of enough, vs a place of depletion?

You are enough right now.  Move forward at an expedited rate with a passion, zest and confidence.


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