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Do you ever wonder if you are significant?



The other day I was being interviewed for an article the paper was writing about my father and his building company,  As the interviewer and I were introducing ourselves and having small chat, something remarkable was discovered.

In 2005 I worked for that paper in the advertising department. It was a contract and near the end, my former employer called me back for another contract with them.  Everyone there was very kind, bought me a nice gift and wrote kind words on a card about how I would be missed.  I have to admit, I took that at surface value. I did not think I really made a difference there or would be missed. It was just another stop on my road and no one would remember once I was gone.

Now is it 2015, 10 years later and as I am having this conversation with the man from the paper, he does not only remember me, but I was in his department. He was my bosses, bosses boss.  I had no recollection of him at first.  After we started to speak, I vaguely remembered him and his office he use to sit in. I do recall always being a bit afraid of the big boss man in the office though.

As we stood across from one another he continued to tell me that he remembers me and remembers I am the girl they so desperately did not want to lose.  They tried to keep me, however budgets would not allow it.

I had no idea that what I did had such an impression that is trickled up the line so high. I had no idea that 10 years later that lasting impression would surface, nor did I know what that impression was.

There was a time I may have questioned my significance, as I am sure so many of us do. But no more.

When you think you do not matter, or no one cares, you are not seen or heard, remember this blog post.

Remember you are SIGNIFICANT.


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