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Quitters Are Failures….NO?

It has been a while since I last blogged and a lot has occurred. I am officially leaving the job that I was writing about in my last blog.  My thoughts and feelings have directed me to take action to support what I was thinking and feeling, returning to my body and stop resisting the gifts that God has given me. I am a natural healer and am good at it. I am a natural coach and am good at it. I am a natural speaker and am good at it. It only makes sense that I follow my path of least resistance now.


As I look back on the past 3 years I have started and experimented with a lot of different things.  At some points others would tell me how nuts I was doing so many different things and sometimes I agreed with them, however it was like an addiction, I could not stop starting all these new projects even if I tried.


I now know why.  You see, everything you think, feel and do in your life, leads you to the next thing you will think, feel and do.  Life was speeding me through the last 3 years to get me to this point.  The point not only where I have found my true purpose, but where I can accept it and excel in it.  The process of discovering why you are on this earth can be quite the process and once you know, you need to raise yourself image and courage to accept you are a brilliant light on this planet with a specific job to do and it is not time to allow it to shine through.  You will be given cooperative partners everywhere you look. I am not saying it is all going to be fun and you will love it all.   For me there were tears, harsh words and experiences I did not love. Those were only there so I could take the lesson, leave all the rest and grow, grow, grow.


There were a few months where I struggled with quitting all those things that I started.  I felt like a failure and I thought others would think I am a fluffy phoney for not sticking anything out and being successful in any of the things I started.   I do love the start, but that was not what all this was about.  It was about expediting the process to where I am now.


People quite not because they are failures, they quite because they have not found their true purpose, the reason they are on this earth.   I am not the only one with a purpose here, we all have one and the best part is it is not the same for everyone.


Keep digging and experimenting until you find that thing you cannot let go of, the thing that lights you up, the thing that you cannot stop even if you desperately wanted to.  We know this method when we are searching for our “perfect” partner, but few of us carry it over to the other aspects of our life.


I heard a wise man once say, “Why settle for Good when you can live GREAT”


Find the thing you fall head over heels in love with, say your vows and walk through any weather with it.  Living in your purpose is so much more fulfilling then just knowing it.


You are here for a very important reason.  Life needs you to shine as bright as you can, do be who you are, to live your true purpose.


(To discover your true purpose contact Jackie at



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