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Chapter #3 – Review

Chapter #3 – Words of Affirmations


Words have power.  Depending on how you grow up your vocabulary has completely different meanings.   Learning to give and receive words of positive affirmations is a leant skill.  Is it easy for you to give words of encouragement, praise and love.  To tell others how great they are?  Words of encouragement look like this, appreciation: expressing sincere gratitude for some act of service rendered.   Encourage means to inspire courage.   Words of praise looks like: recognizing someone’s accomplishments and kind words have not only to do with what we say, but the tone we say it with. Typically our words are an overflow of what is going on within our hearts.  Check in on the words you use daily.  Do you lift others, including yourself up with them or tear them down with the words you choice to use.


How do you transform your words if you are not currently using affirmative words and you have not learned about how to incorporate them into your daily vocabulary.


Start small.  Tell someone, like your parents, your children or your partener that you love them. This will feel wired at first, uncomfortable, but keep doing it.  Do it for 3 months and see what happens.


Once comfortable with that add an affirmation phrase: thank you for doing all you have done for me.  Keep it up. Things will start to shift.


Vulnerability is the key.  It is the place where we can show up and be seen and just be.


The questions for this chapter are:


1 – To what degree did you receive words of affirmation from your parents?

2- Do you find it easy or difficult to speak words of affirmation to your parents? Whe?

3- If you find it difficult, is it time for you to take the initiative to express words of affirmation to your parents?

4- How freely do you express words of affirmation other relationships?

5 – Is there a relationship you would like to enhance? Do you think speaking words of affirmation would be meaningful to that person?


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