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We made it through the first week of school.  I have tired little ones tonight.  All and all it was a great week after we got past that first morning. Let me tell you about my first morning of getting my kids off to school.   It was my daughters 7th birthday and she was so excited for her birthday to be on the first day of school because usually her birthday falls before school starts.  She was saying how it is going to be a great year and this morning she wanted there to be no last minute yelling.  You know…the yelling that you do when the morning has been going good and now you just have to get shoes on and get out the door, and boom…..they stall you are not sure why they stall, but they do. You are already pushing it to get out the door for the bus.  I said, you got it, it is your day. I woke up extra early that day, did my workout made pancakes and sausage and had it on the table for the kids when they woke up.  I thought I was rocking my first morning of school. BEST MNOM EVER!   My daughter got up and was fantastic. My son on the other hand took over 1/2 hour to eat his breakfast as he had to get up from his chair every 3 minutes. (looking back, I feel it was nerves) None the less we are ready to leave on time at 7:30am.  All that is left is shoes and out the door.  My son in SK is determined he is warring his work boots like daddies.  Now for those that have little kids, kindergarten teachers hate when kids where lace up shoes if they do not know how to tie them up themselves. I calmly asked if he knew how to tie up his shoes and he said yes. I asked where he learnt that and he said that daddy had taught him.  Ok, so I let him do it, well attempt to do it.  When I asked if he wanted help, he simply looked at me and said, NO, I am doing it right, but the laces are doing it wrong.  Eventually I told him we had to go in my stern, maybe yelling voice  and he finally let me tie his shoes.  As we get out of the van to wait for the bus, I noticed he had untied his shoe laces again.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh My daughter got out of the van and I looked at her in her adorable blue outfit to notice a stain on her pants. I said, Hunny, how did you get that stain on your pants?  My gosh, you are going to school on your first day and your birthday with stained pants.   She said oh well mommy it is ok.  I smiled and then went to take a picture.  The bus had now passed us and was turning around and my phone was full. There was no room to take more pictures, not time to grab the ipad and no time to delete old pictures.  I was so sad. I gave my kids a big kiss and wished them well on their first day.  As the bus drove away my heart started to sink.


I promised not to yell and I yelled

I vomited my own projections on my daughter about her cloths. I put my dirty belief system on her about clean cloths. I was projecting her cloths were saying more about me and the type of parent I am then caring if she really loved them.

I did not get a first day of school morning picture. Once again more about my own mom rating

I let my son go to school not cheering him on about his shoes.


I had both my kids second guessing themselves before their first day of school. How many of you reading this have ever done the same? It is so important to set the kids up for success before they leave the house each day.




So, what do you do as a mom when you feel you failed your children, you call your mom.

That is what I did. As I was speaking to her she said…”Good News is you get to do it again tomorrow”


I did not fail my mom test the first morning back at school. I simply received feedback because I was aware of my actions and words, so I can rock it the next day and I did. Back to being the




One thought on “BEST MOM EVER!

  1. Rachel says:

    I do not have kids…Yet. 🙂 However, I loved reading this. It’s beautiful and powerful and inspiring. I had tears in my eyes as I can feel the love for your children and the emotions you go through as a mother…just trying to do the best you can. You are an awesome MOM and your kids know it. Much love to you. xoxo

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