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Find Out What People are Saying About Jackie’s Dream Builder Coaching Program

“ Jackie is a kind, patient and intuitive life coach.   She can read between the lines and nails a point home that has a lasting impression. Her encouraging manner and honouring demeanor creates a safe space to do this deep, introspective work.  Jackie Thomas and Mary Morrissey’s Dream Builder Program is a match made in heaven. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Jackie for her skilled coaching style, commitment and passion for this work.  ”  C.B , Paris, On      August 2014


Dear Jackie,

I am very excited to write my testimony of the Dream Building Course I just completed with you.
This dream course has given me a clearer and precise picture of my dream.  With the dream course starting one month after signing up for Nerium Inc., the course has given me my “why” I want to do Nerium with a specific goal when I retire in September 2020.
How remarkable and transformational that only in the second week of the course that I recognized that my partner was my “discontent” and the “ball and chain” that I have been dragging along for too long.  This was huge for me that I was able to let go of this unhealthy relationship.  This, in itself, was the most impactful and the biggest transformation in the course.
I realize also the importance of you, Jackie, as my coach and how instrumental you have been for taking such a stand for me and not allowing me to be small and stay in my story.  I appreciate you in believing in me and I see you as my “cheerleader” as I move toward my dreams.  I am grateful  from my heart and would love for you to remain my partner in believing.
J- August 2014

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