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Thoughts Create – what are you creating, life by design of defalut?

Thoughts are powerful, they are the driving force behind every aspect of your life.

Recently I found myself becoming very observant to our daily existence. Have you seen the movie Lego Land? In the movie there is a lego man and he lives in lego world where everyone does the exact same thing, robotic. They all live in similar houses, they sleep, eat, work assembling things with instructions, not imagination, go home and awake to do the same thing over the next day. There is a ruler of that land that liked order and rules and everything the same. The lego people of that land had no imaginations for what they would love to build, what they could build just using their minds, their thoughts. There were other lands however that had master builders, lego people that could build anything without instructions that let their thoughts run, that actually used the power of their thoughts to create.
I recognized this concept in the movie in many of people in our society. Many of us run our lives by the conditioned patterns in our mind. You and I, we do not think, we merely follow the conditioned patterns, (instructions) of thought we have developed throughout our lives.
Many of us have busy minds, but that does not mean we are thinking. On average 2% of people actually think, 3 % think they think and 95% would rather die than think.


That thinking capability is robbed of us early in life, for example, when we are a child and ask for a new bike and we are told, where do you think the money is going to come for that, when we hear that enough and we do not have the answer we stop asking, we stop creating a connection within ourselves, we stop recognizing what makes us expand. We start to believe that it only when we know “HOW” should we go forward in our lives with anything. Our thoughts (growth) are overtaken by the patterned thought process of society. Those patterns are running your life, not you.
When I met my husband he asked me questions about what I liked? I did not know how to answer him, I had no idea. What movie do you want to watch, well, I do not know, what do you want to watch I would ask.

How do you know what you think about? You know by the results in your life. Thinking is a conscious practice. You must think in the direction you want to go. If you are not where you want to be, or on your way, you do not need to change your action, you need to focus on your conscious thoughts.
Thinking is like the wind to a sailor, it can change your direction in a matter of seconds. Imagine you are on a road that runs in a straight line from east to west, you get in your car and you go. You will end up at the end, but if you were to change direction by 1/16 you would end up somewhere completely different.

Thought is 930x faster than the sound of our voice, for comparison sake, the speed of light is 186 miles per second. It is safe to say that to date the process of thought is the greatest known force, there is nothing as quick or as powerful.

You and I look for answers outside of ourselves, some even inside yourself. It is not the answer that is important, it is the question. Albert Einstein was asked, if you had one hour to find an answer what would you do. He said he would spend 55 minutes developing the questions, because once you have the right question, the answer is always there. I used to go for message and he was an intuitive, so I would go in with my list of questions, expecting answers and he would say, you have all the answers Jackie, you just need to ask the right question. The mind has all the answers, we must form our thoughts to create an environment for the answers to those questions. Not used in my speack
As I broke down the conditioned patterns of my thoughts all sorts of fun things have surfaced. I love to swin, do anything in the water. I love girl movies and the occasional war movie without a lot of blood. I feel expanded when I am in the garden and I love dance to be my form of experience. (instead of thinking I had to do yoga or bootcamp because everyone else says it is great) I am now thinking about what makes me expand. I think.

You can change your thoughts, but you cannot stop producing effects. Think in the direction you want to go and you will go there. Your thoughts are your life force, they are your power to living a life you love to live.


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