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Child Teacher

I find it ironic that we tell our children not to cry when they are upset. We tell them to suck it up, don’t stomp your feet, don’t slam the door, don’t be saucy. We tell them all these things not to do, feel and be. My question is; do we really have a good alternative for them. Is it better they learn that it is not ok to feel what they are feeling and to repress what is going on in their world? Our children are teaching us that we must not hold our feelings inward. When we suppress our feelings, they will lead to physical aliments in our bodies, minds and spirits. Sure, maybe we cannot scream and stomp our feet at work when something upsets us, however try it out when you get home. See how good it feels. I encourage you not to tell your kids to stop releasing their feelings, just to do it in a safe place. Help them find that safe place where they are aloud to feel what they feel and act how they act. Try that on. Experiment with feeling how you feel, not altering it because “you are not suppose to feel or act a certain way.” It is only when we truly feel something it can be released. Have some fun with it. See what happens and enjoy.


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