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By definition fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear is an emotion that can greatly affect the life we have planned for ourselves.

Think about how many times in your life have you been affected by fear. There are probably too many to think of, so just focus on one for now. Think of sometime you may have been paralysed by fear, or a time when you chose not to do, say or be something you really wanted to because you were too scared.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health fear and worry statistics show that

60% of things feared will never take place

30% of things feared happened in the past and can not be changed

90% of things feared are considered insignificant issues

88% of things feared are in relation to health that will not happen

For the most part fear is a debilitating emotion.

Fear is really an illusion. It is a feeling that can so easily stop us from becoming who we are met to be. Stop us from living our dreams.

When you were young you had all kinds of thoughts, desires, and dreams of who you were going to be, of what you were going to do. You know what you wanted your life to look like and to feel like. These thoughts and dreams are the seeds you planed as a young child in your garden of life.

You planted seeds as a child in your garden of life, however just like any other garden the weeds started to grow. If those weeds were not pulled on a regular basis your garden eventually was taken over by weeds and the seeds you once planted will be choked out of existence. Your dreams will be choked out by your fears. In our garden of life our weeds could be discouraging words from a loved one, which formed as a fear of disappointment for example.

The truth is the seed you sow will always reproduce after their kind. If you plant a corn seed, you will get a corn stalk, you will not get an apple tree. But no seed can flourish in a poor soil full of weeds.

You and I are not taught as young people how to pull the weeds of fear from our garden of dreams. So as we get older the weeds start to grow more and more, stronger and stronger. Then as adults we take a job that pays well, not one that makes our hearts expand, we get married because that is the thing to do, not because we really want to, we become sad and depressed running the rat race of the choked out garden.

The truth is fear is a constant companion in your life. It will always be there. It is up to you, what you decide to do with it. Will it be placed in the back seat or will you give it permission to be your co-pilot?

Awareness is the key!

The other week I took my husband to wonderland. We had a great time there. It was the most fun going a a ride that I was extremely scared of. I truly wanted to get off and I would have if the ride had not started to move. It turned out to be the most fun. I realized how before the ride of your life you will experiecne the greatest amount of fear, you are going to want to jump ship, every part of you will want to bail out. But when you cross that point of no return you will expeience the ride of your life.

Fear is simply feedback, letting us know we are on the edge of the life we have known. The magic happens when on just the other side of our comfort zone, just over the point of no return.

Remember 60% of our fears never take place. Ask yourself where are you going to rest your fear in the back seat or the front.

I encourage you today, do something no matter how insignifiacent you feel it may be and pull a weed from your garden of life. Do one thing that you are fearful of today.
Fear does not mean we can’t it simply means we have not yet.


3 thoughts on “F.E.A.R.

  1. Like every emotions “FEAR” is necessary but can be misplaced. So many say we should “conquer our fears” but what we need to do is place our emotions in the right place. When we see a bear in a cage, we should fear going in that cage because the bear will harm us. If we have a chance to perform for success and fear arises, it needs to be replaced with “being happy”. In that situation fear arises because we see failure over the success. It’s unknown. Ultimately, Fear is just misplaced in our minds and need to be placed in the proper situations. We need to become more emotionally intelligent.

    • There is a time and a place for fear and it is an emotion of movement, so therefore it can be extremely helpful in many situations. In these times for many, fear has over taken our world and that is the fear I am speaking of. The fear that is an illusion, the fear that is in our minds, that limits us from living the expanded life we are here to live.

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