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What is your #1 Regret?

Do you have regrets; things you wish you could do over?

What is your biggest regret? Take a moment and think about one then ask yourself the following questions.

Would you do it differently if doing it over?
What would you do differently?
What result would you have received if you did it differently?
Why would you do it differently?

Each experience we have in this life is a learning opportunity. We have an opportunity to grow with each and every choice we make.

When we learn from an experience, the experience rarely occurs in our life again. It is only when we do not learn from the experience that it presents itself again and again.

Let’s take your relationship for example. If you are in a relationship and there is a problem, and you leave that relationship without doing your part of figuring out your part in the problem then you will encounter it again in your next relationship at some point. You have a part to play in every experience you are in. You have a lesson to learn. Learn from each experience if you do not want it to happen again.

It is the same if you hate your job and the people you work with. You would think that it would be better when you got a new job. It may be for a while, however eventually the same issues will arise, until you become aware of “your part”.

If a situation did not turn out how you wanted it to, look for the silver lining. What came that was good. Where there is “bad” there must be “good”. What will you choice to focus on?

Regrets are a waist of time. Learn and move forward with gratitude and awareness for the situation.


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