Personal Development, Perspectives

Feminine Power System

Are you at the point in your life where you just know there is something more?  There is something more to the mundane routine.  Most of us are still experiencing a confusing gap for what we sense for our lives and what we are doing day-to-day, showing up as a restlessness, anxiety and or low grade depression.


Why in spite of all of al of our accomplishments, years of personal and spiritual growth have not been able to access the power to fully become ourselves.


We are making incredible progress on breaking through the external glass ceilings of our lives in the past 50 years.  Our external glass ceilings are managed by the masculine power system.  Our quest now it to break through own internal glass ceilings – belief systems.


Majority of our transformational teachings to date are within a masculine power system. Masculine power system breakthroughs include controlling our thoughts, managing our behaviour, cancelling out feelings and dominating sad feeling with positive thoughts.  When we skip over our thoughts and feelings, we dismiss them.  This does not work within the feminine power system because those feelings do not go away.


It is the feminine power system that will take us further into this new way of relating and creating your life with the intelligence of the universe.  DESTIY, our greatest expression of self, where our Outer life matches the inner possibilities.


Check out the below site for more information.


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