Beleife Systems, Personal Development, Perspectives

Look Inside, It is not that Scarey

Our results in our life show us what hidden belief systems we are still carrying around.  Sometimes they are so deep we do not even recognize they are there.  Those are the hard ones to see and become aware of.  It is as if those belief systems, the ones that no longer serve us are like our sacred friends. The Dali Lama says that sacred friends are hard to love but essential for our growth.  These belief systems that no longer serve us are our sacred friends and once we can become friends enough to look at them, somehow they are not so scary and our awareness allows our release of them.


It is ok not to be perfect, or not to have it all figured out. It is ok to say I do or do not like this or that about myself, however it is essential that we learn to love ourselves unconditionally including all the above.


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