Personal Development, Perspectives


Allowing yourself to be open to receive, sounds easy enough, so I thought.

However, have you ever stopped and asked yourself why are things that you desire, visualize and feel not instantly manifested.  You can do all of those things stated above and still feel like you are grabbing/reaching  for the things you are manifesting in your life.  Reaching as if they are out there, and that what you desire will always be but a hand reach away. It became aware to me how important “ALLOWING” is.  As you think about this word, think about what it means to you, how does it make you feel, what do you see when thinking of the word allowing.  Allowing is an aspect of receiving, however if we hold on to allowing with a choke hold, we are not “allowing” things to come into our lives or things to leave that no longer are serving us.  When you allow the flow in your life, allowing receiving and releasing your magnetic energy field strengthens and the manifestations are the other force of the magnet and are drawn to you without conscious rationale.  Strengthen your magnetic force for your manifestations by allowing and remember the how’s are non of our business.


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