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I Blame You

“You made me angry!”

Is it really possible that someone else has that much control and power of your life they can make you angry, they can make you sad, upset, happy and or joyful?

Many of us blame someone else when we are too uncomfortable to look at our self to determine what is really bothering us. Instead we give all our power away and say that we have allowed someone else to make us feel a certain way. Let’s say that your friend just said something really hurtful to you and your reaction is sadness and anger. You immediately think your friend made you sad and angry. There is something that happens between when you friend said what they said and your feeling of sadness and anger. There was a thought you had and it is your thought that brought forth your feeling. That thought more than likely came from a past conditioning. I encourage you to experiment with this idea below. Next time you are about to give your power away and blame someone else, catch the action of the other in your imagination before you let it land in your mind and notice what you are noticing. What thought comes up for you, why? Look at that before you decide that someone else is more in control of your emotions, and you life then you are.


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