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Attachment vs Connection When It Comes To Making & Saving Money


Ask yourself this question, are you attached to or connected to making and saving money? What is the difference you ask? I was having a discussion with some colleagues the other night and we were discussing the difference between attachment and connection. As we were talking certain feeling tones arose.

Being attached to anything is often an ego format. It is where there is fear, doubt and worry. When in discussion I realized what attachment and connection felt like for me and what the difference was and why it is so important to differentiate between them.

Attachment to Making & Saving Money

Feeling of fear of not going to make enough money

Feeling of expectations being too high, so they are unattainable

Feeling of being attached to a specific outcome

Feeling of obligation and a “have to”

Feeling of something having control and power of me, manipulation

Feeling of value when you do make the money, devalue when you do not

Feeling of lack and limitation

Feeling of achieving and maintaining a certain status

Feeling of distrust and survival

Fear of it all perishing

Playing in a small box that you cannot get out of


Connected to Making and Saving Money

A feeling of an abundant source that is already yours. There is no waiting, no desiring, no worry, or fear. Only freedom to be one with the energy of money, freedom to give it away, to be friendly, freedom to let it come in and go out freely with ease and grace and a deep quantum knowing that the energy of money is ever flowing. It feels uplifting, light and safe.

Think about it for a minute. Feel what it feels like to be attached to making and saving money and then feel what it feels like to be connected to making and saving money.   See what that looks like. I would love your comments on how being attached and connected make you feel. Then the next time you feel a financial stress or strain, check in and determine are you in the place of attachment of connection. If attachment, feel what it feels like to be connected, even if just for a few minutes and notice what you are noticing.


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