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Just Words

They are just words….

Words are the foundations of life.

It only takes one word that sticks into a child’s subconscious mind for them to develop that word into a self limiting belief they carry with them into adulthood. Think back to something you heard an adult in your life say and how it made you feel. Look at your life now and see if in any way it is a reflection of those words spoken to you as a child.

Most of our belief systems are developed by the age of 4, from the perceptive of a 4 year old. Most of us will not stop and take a look at the belief systems that are dictating our lives currently and release those that are not serving us, meaning those that are getting in the way of where we want to go, who we want to become. It is imperative we notice the words we choose to use when speaking to ourselves and others, especially children.  For example if you are at the dinner table and say to your child, you never eat, you are a little pigeon, eat up. Or you are a potato head, or you through like a girl, etc. You may think that you are being funny, however imagine what subconscious messaging you are sending to that child. You have the authority to choose the words that build a foundation for success or build one for destruction. No one is perfect; however I encourage you to keep it in mind. The words you choose to use when speaking to your children and just as importantly the words you choose to use when speaking to yourself. Your children become who you are, not who you tell them to be.


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