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Building The Life You Love

Do you have a Dream for Your Life?

What does that mean, what does that look like and how does that feel?

I am a Certified Dream Builder Coach and just returned from Disney World in Florida. When I first heard the title “Dream Builder Coach” I thought it was a bit fluffy, however I know understand the most powerful tool you own is your Dream for your life. It is uniquely yours; it separates you from others well also enabling you to belong everywhere you go. When following your dream you no longer try to fit in, you simply belong. Discovering your dreams and taking action on them is the most wonderful gift you will ever give yourself.

Most people feel Disney World is magical for the kids. Adult go and enjoy, however I am not sure they understand that the Disney message is actually a code for adults. Children already know how to live this code Disney is presenting. Children have big dreams and wishes and when they tell us I hope and pray we smile and tell them they can do, have and be anything they wish with their life. It is us adults that are not sure.

I have attached a clip of a show at Disney’s Majic Kingdom. If you are like me and would like to flip to the part where Disney reveals a special code. Go to 5:01 and watch from there.


The witch in the clip represents our fear, worry, shame and guilt. Those feelings rob us from what is calling us to fuller, freer expansion. They are strong and continue to come up, they attempt to ruin our dreams, ensure you stay small. It is the most natural thing in the world to want more, to express yourself, to live out loud who you are with no apologies, to belong and not fit in. It is a simple concept, however not always an easy one. Things such as fear want you to live small, shameful lives. All it takes is one part of you, no matter how small that part is to start to silence your witch, your fear. You would not long for something if you could not achieve it. For example, I have never wanted to be a pro football player.

Dream building is the most profound work I have found in my life to this date. There are many things in all of our lives that encourage us to follow the wishes of the witch. However what I know to be true of each one of you is that there is also a little voice within that is your Donald Duck Voice, the voice that calls the other parts of you together to take power away from the witch, the negative thinking in your lives.

I will be blogging more on dreams and the power they play within living a life of expansion that we are here to live.

A Dream is only big enough, when you have no clue how you will achieve it. I will walk you through some steps on how to define your dream, how to test your dream to ensure it meets with your core values and what those are and how you can accelerate those results. What would you love if time, money, education, age, gender was not an issue.

You have Dreams that live within you. What have you always loved or even what do you not like. That can also lead you to what you would love. I encourage you to find the courage and start to think about what those dreams are. Remember if you know how to achieve those things you dream of already those dreams are not big enough.


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