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Friends With Your Money



I completed my first vision board about 2 years ago.  When I completed it I noticed I put up the words “Friends with Money.”  I knew I wanted to be friends with money; I just did not know what that looked like, or how that would feel.  I was the child, the teen and the young adult that saved every penny and would not purchase anything unless I really needed it.  I had troubles even purchasing a coffee for a friend or family member, as I was not sure I would get that money  in return anyway. I held on very, very tightly to my money, suffocating it really.

As I open up to the law of attraction and manifestation I look at money much differently. Money is like the tide, it comes in and then it goes out.

Being friends with money does not mean that you have to be rich, whatever that means to you, or poor.    Let me explain.

I realized the true meaning of, “Friends with Money”, when we were scheduled on a flight for a vacation and due to weather the flight was cancelled.  We found a flight to get us to our destination on the same day, returning the same day for 3x the cost.  At first it was a pill to swallow, I’m not going to lie, however it only took us a few minutes to make the decision to take the flight.

It was during that vacation I realized I am friends with my money.  I was not so scared and in a state of lack and limitation that I allowed our entire vacation to slip between my fingers.  I am also not over spending and in major dept.  I could have millions of dollars in the bank and said no to the flight at 3x the cost if not friends with my money. The practice of tithing has greatly impacted this friendship between money and I.

The thing is you like your friends, they like you; you enjoy having fun with each other and want to be around one another.  Money is energy just like anything else, so when your relationship with money is friendly and not hostile, it will want to hang out with you more, you it and you will both have more fun in each other’s company.


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