Personal Development, Perspectives

Attention = Intention


What you put your attention on; life understands that to be your intention.

As a society we are conditioned to look at the “dark” side of everything and then wonder why all we see around us is the “dark” side of the “light”. When you focus on a feeling such as worry, you will receive things to worry about in your life.   Each one of us has a choice to see the “dark” in a situation or the “light” in a situation.  For example, when you focus on the things in life you do not have, instead of being grateful for the things you do have, life takes that as a message that the song you are singing from your heart is lack and limitation.  Since it is all good to life, life gives you more lack and limitation.  When you focus on the “light” no matter how small and insignificant you feel it is, that begins to be your new song that your heart sings out. Life hears that and shows you more “light”.

The CHOICE is yours and so is the POWER to CHOOSE it!


You can have, be and do anything when you learn the simple systems within life to make it all possible.


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