Personal Development

The Power Is You

After 9-11 the world was struck with a loss, a deep seeded fear was planted, a terror actually.  Then right after that came an economic disturbance leading people into a darker, deeper place of fear, worry, lack and limitation.  There is a quantum shift where people do not want to live in fear and lack any longer.  The question is how you shift from a place of fear, worry and sacristy to a place of love, joy, comfort and belonging.

People are starting to understand there is more to this life then they originally were conditioned to believe.  So much of this concept has to do with each one of you being in alignment with the Universal Laws and yourself.

For example before people were in alignment with the law of electricity there were no lights that you could just plug in and turn on anytime you wanted.  That was not possible until one person discovered how to work with this law and used a technology not only to do it, but to repeat it and teach others.

When you go to plug in a lamp into an electrical socket, you expect it to give you light.  You do not wonder if it will give you light. You are not surprised by the light it gives you.  You would be more surprised if it did not give you light at all. If it did not give you light, you would not sit there and say, please lamp, please give me light, oh please, please, please.  You would go and figure out what is not in alignment, what is not working, correct it and receive light.  Our lives are no different.  There is a specific technology that allows you to be in alignment with the power of life within you.  You have a brighter, more expanded you within and once you become in alignment with that you will experience more harmony, things will become easier, you will feel happier and become healthier.  Just as each one of you has your own unique finger print you also have your own unique light within.  The secret to life is to become aware of what your personal light is, discover it and deliver it fully to the world. You can do 100 things in your life that people will say are great, but if you do not do the one thing you are here to do, it will be as if you have done nothing.  Becoming in alignment with yourself is a like you owning a car for your entire life and pushing it everywhere and then one day someone told you about this key, a key you can use that will allow your car to move with ease, to get places faster, to be more comfortable.  The work comes when you are discovering how to align yourself with yourself. Once that is determined the rest of your life will fall into place with ease, comfort, confidence and trust.

To start follow your longings, be aware of your discontents, as those are clue to guide you into alignment with yourself, so you can do what you are here to do, so you can shine brightly.


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