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Financial Perspective

Have you ever told yourself, “I don’t have the money for that” or said that to your child or spouse?  The perception of our words is very interesting.  When you say things like, we don’t have the money, you are using a feeling tone of lack and limitation, a feeling of being stuck with nowhere to turn, less then, a feeling of fear.

Fear may be with you no matter what, it is whether it will be in the front seat directing you, or in the back seat taking a nap.

Although most of us will walk with some type of fear our entire lives it is only when you change your perception you can put fear in its place.

My son said to us the other day, “I would like snowmobile, but we don’t have the money.” I quickly corrected him with this statement, “We have the money, we are choosing not to spend it on a snowmobile right now.”  It could be that we are saving, or we are putting that money towards bills, etc.   When you teach yourself that your financial purchases are a choice, you choose what you do and do not do with your money you attain a feeling tone of freedom, empowerment, control, comfort.

Experiment with this concept.  The law of attraction states that like attracts like, so if we are in a feeling tone of lack and limitation around our finances, what will we attract?  The same for when we recognize we have the choice, we have the responsibility; the power returns to us and we take ourselves out of the lack and limitation tone.

Some people say to me, well I really do not have any money.  If you have any money coming in at all, you are making a choice and if you do not, well that is a choice too.


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