The Order


Have you ever been working towards something or just wanting something and wondered to yourself, why is it taking so long? Why it has not happened already?  Why have I not found the love of my life, why have I not obtained that job I really want?

There is a Universal law, called the Law Of Gestation.   Meaning every single thing has a certain time it requires to grow.  For example, if you plant corn and it takes 60 days until it is ready to harvest, it does not matter if you plant it in April, May or June it will still take 60 days no matter what.  It must go through all of the sequences it needs to grow and no one, or nothing can make it grown any faster.  There is a specific order that things have to happen for that corn to grow within those 60 days.

Everything in life has a priority sequence.  Your inner self knows the sequences perfectly. What needs to happen first to allow what needs to happen second to happen in the perfect order and time and so one and so forth.  If we try to control and manipulate that perfect priority sequence whatever we are working towards will not be able to be maintained as strongly as we would have to go back to a step that was missed.

To trust the sequence that on a conscious level is not know is sometimes difficult.  Take some peace in knowing this:  Be mindful of the seed you plant within your mind for the sequence to start. For if you plant an apple tree seed corn does not grow. If you plant you mind seeds with negative thoughts, positive outcomes will not just appear.

You determine the seeds you plant and then let go and allow the priority sequence to take place. If you do not like the results you are getting in that time of gestation look at your thoughts and plant more positive seeds while waiting. You can help along the way by pulling out those weeds of negativity.

We are only met for full expansion, love of self and others, negativity does not enter that at all.  It is what happens when we are asleep.  It is said that when Adam listened to the snake in the Bible he fell asleep and there is no mention of him waking up.  Each one of us holds the key to awakening from a deep sleep, it is held in the last place humans would look. For humans would go to the highest mountain or to the depths of the deepest sea.  When all the while it is now and will always be  held within the human heart.

Fill your journey with love, plant seeds that will lead you to your key.  It is there for each one to unlock the deep sleep  humanity has been in for so many years. Start with you and shine bright allowing freedom to your neighbor, friend, family, child to do the same.  It may not be the most comfortable feeling at first, however it will be the most rewarding experience of your life.


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