Do you Question The Norm?

Over the Christmas holidays I was fortunate to have the opportunity to really look into my belief around following the “Status Quo” doing what everyone else does, thinking what they think. I was watching people over the past couple weeks, talking to them and wondering…do they really think this way because they really feel this or that, or do they think and say and act the way they think they should according to others expectations of them.   Reflecting on that I recall how tired even the thought of that makes me feel.  Doing your best to be what everyone else wants you to be, not knowing how YOU feel or think is exhausting, not to mention just when you think you have it figured out others change the game and you are back to square one figuring out what they want you to be .  It is my belief that as a society we conduct our lives according to what “Big Brother” says, never stopping and taking a look at any other possibilities.  At the end of the day, we may agree with what “Big Brother/Society” says to do or say, 0r we may not. I encourage you to question it, question what society says to do or not to do and then live your life in pure happiness, according to your own truth, not the truth of another.  What do you feel and think?  No one is ever right and no one is ever wrong. The only difference between right and wrong is the filters each of us have that leads each one tot our own  perception  around an event, a phrase, an action.  Stand in your truth allowing others to confidently do the same.   How great, loving each other for our uniqueness, rather then how well we can do what everyone else does to fit into the what society has created as the norm.


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