What is a Belief and How do Beliefs Affect Your Everyday Lives?



A belief is simply a thought held to be true.  It is not something that is actually true, or false or right or wrong.  At best it is an opinion.  Your perspectives are based on your beliefs.  Your beliefs actually colour your view of everything that comes your way in life.  Beliefs are like filters.  You get so use to your filters that you begin to think that what you see things as, is the way things are.  Every single one of you wears these glasses with tinted lenses making each one of you see the same thing differently.  This is where the judgment comes in and you think someone else is nuts because they did this or that, because they have different filters, different lenses then you.  That is all it is, not right or wrong, good or bad just different lenses based on each individuals past experiences.  These different experiences in your lives  lead to certain filters you now call your reality.  Everything you see, you see through our own filters.  Beliefs cannot be good or bad, right or wrong but they can be supportive or unsupportive of the things you want to achieve in your life. It is never a situation that is the problem, it will always be your belief around that situation the makes it a problem, your belief. What is great about that is that if it is your belief your filter, you have the power to change it and at that moment you are not a victim in any given situation.   Most beliefs are made up within you when you were a child, with little life experience and you did not re-exam them as an adult to see if they are still applicable.  You just run with a program of filters in your subconscious mind that as a child you put into place, you act solely on your beliefs.  Beliefs are like self fulfilling prophecies. So if you do not like what you have in certain areas of your life, change your belief in regard to that area.

The first thing is to start noticing what you are noticing.  Look at your life and determine where things are not going as you wish. Write them down, then look at what you believe to be true about that situation, ie: Belief system: men make all the” BIG” money.   It would not matter how long you went to school or where you applied you would never make the “BIG MONEY” because your belief system does not support that. So now that you are noticing what you are noticing and identifying what your belief is that no longer serves you, you can change it.  There are many different ways to do that, one being notice it, recognize where it came from and be specific with what you would like to replace it with. Continue to repeat your new belief over and over and over. Every time the old one sneaks in, pause, catch it and let it go.  To change a belief you must change your thought and think it over and over and over until it becomes your new belief.  When your heart then feels that new belief it will tell God you are thinking it, feeling it and ready to receive it.

Go ahead transform you life, write your new prophecies. You can, I believe in you and your new story you are writing for yourself.


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