Prayer With Trust

Prayer is an energetic/spiritual practice that some have shy’d away from, more than likely from a misunderstanding of what it is, how it is done, how it works and to whom the prayer is going.  We have been brought up in a society that teaches that prayer and church and God are all connected, to most that is the only way prayer is relevant.

What happens when you pray?  When you pray you invoke a part of brilliancy within you that cannot only make a difference in your life, but the lives of others.  When you pray without attachment to the outcome your prayers can be guided to where they need to go.   For example if someone is sick and you pray for them, it is important you allow yourself to accept that they may get better or they may not. If you pray with the intention they have to get better and are attached to that thought, it is like putting a kink in the hose and the loving healing prayer energy cannot flow. You can pray with your heart knowing that you do not see the entire picture. It is called Prayer with Trust.   Prayer without fear of the outcome is one of the most important parts of prayer.  Many believe they have it all figured out and know best, but what if they don’t.  Trust your prayer is being heard.  It does not have to be a prayer to God, it can be a prayer to anyone, to anything.  The act of praying is uplifting, as you always know you are not alone.

Understandably Prayer with Trust is not the easiest part of prayer, however a part that has been missing and when you do not pray with trust you can easily feel discouraged and stop praying all together, allowing yourself to feel alone on this planet, which you are anything but alone here.

During prayer little energy vibrations that are formed within your “heart felt” energy centre,   go out into the world and link with other energy vibrations that are the same or similar and they ripple and travel through time and space shifting the energy around the “thing” you are praying for.  That is why they say there is power in the number of prayer.

Many were taught to pray in Church and at night before bed.  Although those are places and times you can pray it is not so inclusive or formal.  Just thinking a kind thought is a prayer.

Now for those that say…I prayed once and my prayer was unanswered.  There are many various explanations , one being that if it is not a “heart felt” prayer,  it is just a wish. Do you really in your heart of hearts want hurt to come to another for example.  You are what you pray for.   You are but a piece of a very large puzzle and can see the piece connected to you, but not the piece connected to that part, so sometimes it is your unanswered prayers that are actually your answered ones, you just cannot see that part of the puzzle yet.

Ensure you spend some quiet time and or just be open to listen, to receive the answers to your prayers as well. They may not come in the way you had thought.  The act of being open to receive the answer to your prayer is just as important as the prayer.

Start by praying for you. Prayer is thought of as something you do for others, or if you are sick or something really bad is happening.  Pray all the time.  Lift up your soul by reaching out. You are the most important person in your life so start with you. If you do not pray for you and take care of you first, it is very difficult to have a cup that has enough in it to give to others.

It is safe to pray however you wish, kneel, sit , do it in the car. It can be long, or just a word. Bow your head or look up to the sky.  Find what fits for you, not what you have been conditioned to think fits for you.  Pray for people you love and people you do not. What about those people that have hurt you and you feel you will never be able to let go of.  Even if you have to start your prayer with…”If they don’t get run over by a bus or hit by a train first, then I guess…can they have a great life full of love and joy”. It is a place to start, it is your prayer and you can do it however you like.  There are no rules for prayer.  Prayer leads to the act of forgiveness, which is “Giving For”, freeing each of us individually. ( I will be writing on forgiveness in a future blog.)    Active emotions within us that are not let go of, are the ones that cause “Dis-Ease” within the body.  Pray is a practice that can start that process.

Below is an example of a prayer for you and then you can substitute I for anyone you wish. Feel free to use it, or not.

Most of all have FUN with your prayers!

May I be truly happy

May I live in peace

May I live in love

May I know the power of forgiveness

May I live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.


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