Response To Your Ability “Responsibility”


“Response to Your Ability”


When there is a situation you know you have the ability to make better you take it on as your own responsibly,  believing  you have the ability to make it better.  You are responding to your ability to take care of a situation, person or whatever it may be in your life.  However, it is not your “responsibility” to ensure others experiences are soft and smooth, although when you respond to your ability you believe you are capable of just that.  However doing that does not allow others to discover their own ability.  Responsibility can be healthy, as long as you are intentional about what you allow your ability to respond to.

Although it may be difficult, start by working towards having a high expectation of yourself and a low expectation of others, trusting they will do the same, mimicking you eventually.

Responsibly will lay itself to rest within various parts of the body, just as all other emotions can. The shoulders are one of the places responsibility likes to rest.  If you have sore, stiff shoulders take a look at what you are taking on as your responsibility. Are you responding to your ability to address things in your life and or the lives of others?  Do you believe you have the ability to change someone else’s experience or just your own?  If you could change your own experience would you?


More to come in future blogs, stay tuned.


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